Usher S520 Bookshelf speakers

Before metal cones arrived, polypropylene was popular as a nicely damped, low colouration cone material.

The 'speakers weigh 6.8kg, 300mm high, 180mm wide, 265mm deep and are available in vibrant-finished colors including Ferrari Crimson, shine yellow, and Piano as good as conventional finishes. Fitting subwoofers are offered at GBP999.


The high end of Adele's 'Rumour Has It' was signified with great detail; the S-520s treble response is clean and bright. The cymbals and high hat 's brightness is clear because of the reality they sit slightly forward in the S-520's soundstage. Sung representation was captivating and actually puts you to the S520's huge soundstage, giving a sense of space and depth to the vocals.

The midrange is positioned and actually shows the S520's skill with Nigel Kennedy's serious bow and acoustic guitar work exhibiting powerful dynamics and stage depth that is great.

Bass is nicely shown; it has strength, balance and a formidable grip of low-end, especially when compared to the low end response of the Monitor Audio Silver RX2s.

The S520's develop shows that these loudspeakers are top quality and their sound looks near perfect; there is quite little sign of weakness.

A reasonable cost and powerful all round capability make these powerful competitors.

Usher S520 Bookshelf speakers photo