Floor standing speakers Usher N-6361
The significant floorstanding Usher CP8871 II DMD using its diamond tweeter is becoming something of your own favourite. For the ones that do not have the financing or the room to hold the 8871, Usher has an option in the contour of the N-6361 floorstanders. Priced the N-6361s are a two way design...
Usher N-6361 Floor standing speakers
Bookshelf speakers Usher S520
Before metal cones arrived, polypropylene was popular as a nicely damped, low colouration cone material. The 'speakers weigh 6.8kg, 300mm high, 180mm wide, 265mm deep and are available in vibrant-finished colors including Ferrari Crimson, shine yellow, and Piano as good as conventional finishes. Fitting...
Usher S520 Bookshelf speakers