Naim UnitiLite Network CD-player

The UnitiLite is the Uniti range's infant, plus it ticks all the boxes. The single area of functionality which is not obligatory is FM/DAB (which takes the cost to the best part).

Sound quality

One of the UnitiLite's remarkable advantages is the measure up to 24/192 capacity from 24/96 limits' Credit Crunch world. In the previous group, Grover Washington Jr's Winelight thudding Marcus Miller bass guitar to match the original and eventually has got the crystal clear latin percussion. With great time the robotic backing track fizzes in the latter group and Rod Stewart's seventies solo albums have a marvellous analogue heat that is organic to the original.

Musically the bass sound that was overflowing as well as the compressed washes are marshalled and included, when it may occasionally only sound just like a wreck. The same capability to solve a musical picture out of a compressed and very active sign is noticed using BU2B's 24/96 variation from Rush's latest. CD playback is a little disappointment. It's smooth enough all right, but it is not the UnitiLite's core competency.

IRadio what Naim terms is clearly the now near-omnipresent and internet radio that is exceptionally useful. What is nice is the manner Naim's menus have been preconfigured by it for less adventuresome sorts like me who often stay together with the good old BBC. The choice interface in N's front page -stream emphasizes some now Beta 'hidef streams in the BBC. Better still, a fast turn and that i happen upon some Clementi as well as the piano sounds amazing - deep, rich and high in timbre. An excellent record left solidly over the web!

The front-mounted USB port is clearly mainly there for an extremely great job as well as iPod connectivity really is made of the function. The leading panel takes over the control /N- the controlling paradigm as well as stream stays the same as for flowing music. The true advantage -stream use is the same abundant virtual sleevenote advice from Rovi is on the iPad to your iPod music. The Bombay Bicycle gapless evaluation runs easily as well as the iTunes Plus quality AAC variation isn't a million miles from the streaming version that is lossless.

The 3.5mm stereo input signal autoswitches to its input signal route on insertion of the minijack. The perceptible results are level, but this could be put all the way down to its headphone stage as I am testing together with the iPod Nano. Interestingly, in a Apple-like move, this interface can also be double-use digital and analogue (using an adapter or optical cable).

We understand the reasoning, although I imagine that a large part of those that embrace flowing with one will stop to make use of the CD player component in short order, which begs the question of why it is contained, do not we? Overall, here is a wonderful-sounding and affordable system that is been tossed deftly involving those that simply like listening to music and the hardcore hifi world!

Naim UnitiLite Network CD-player photo