Naim UnitiQute 2 Network player

The UnitiQute 2 is quite definitely a chip off the block that is initial and keeps the half-width casework of sticks and the prior layout. Really the sole noticeable change is around the rear where the RS232 connection continues to be replaced using a miniature USB port. Internally the changes are a lot more wide-ranging. The UnitiQute 2 is effective at managing 32/192 files and DAB is now supported by the revised tuner module for buyers lucky to live in a nation with a network that is appropriate. The electronic board has additionally been revised into a four-layer layout with ground planes and improved circuit courses. Format support stays the same as before, but you should not discover yourself overly constrained, as the UnitiQute manages everything short lossless.

The UnitiQute 2's other vital statistics are kept from the older version. The UnitiQute 2 has UPnP streaming that is onboard, web, digital and analogue radio as well as a USB connection. There are four digital as well as one analogue input signal in addition to an analogue preout and an electronic output signal.

Sound quality

The most significant part of operation it handles in the away is the fact that it really never seems just like a system that is tiny. With the Epic of Calexico, there's impact, depth and the space to help make the record sound convincing.

There's no lack of quantity either. Naim seems to place 30W on tap's watts via a bullworker, although there might just be it.

The UnitiQute 2 is possessed of brilliant time and an ability to begin and quit that produces competing electronic equipment appear ponderous and slow. The results are very powerful when coupled using a loudspeaker that's fleet of foot. There's an awareness of vigor and life that's a cut above what you may anticipate from a streamlined system.

The performance is totally captivating plus it reaches the most critical aim - you truly quit simply relax and analysing the operation and appreciate it. Across an enormous number of music, this streamer has listening enjoyment down to an artwork.

Against this natural musicality, criticisms are negligible to say the least. At low levels it might seem restrained and a bit soft, but when the volume begins to increase, it actually comes into its own. It's something to remember for those who have neighbours, although that is good.

These gripes are mostly insignificant when you spend any time using the UnitiQute 2, however. The n-stream program refined and was honed over the years (and has become free) and as the interface is now in the event that you've got an iPad, your distant will gather dust. The selection of facilities and input signals will take some beating in the cost.

The UnitiQute 2 collate your digital sources will park itself on your network and may be commanded between degrees. This may well function as entry level merchandise but it appears to effortlessly start making music in ways that's completely persuasive, managing to combine real world skill with gift that is mental, and you also can not actually ask for considerably more.

Naim UnitiQute 2 Network player photo