Naim ND5 XS Network player

Naim Audio has a variety to satisfy various demands and distinct budgets.

It is a DAC along with a network audio player, with three S/PDIF inputs for linking other digital sources, an S/PDIF (BNC) output signal as well as a single-ended analogue output signal on Naim's standard DIN connector as well as some of RCAs, selectable through the unit's set up menu. In the bottom left corner is a USB A-Kind outlet providing you with a digital connection or memory sticks along with playback of files straight to iDevices. And a multi-pin Burndy outlet enables connection of an elective ND5 XS power supply (GBP1595) said to update the player's operation.

A factory-fitted FM and DAB tuner module is an additional alternative, which increases the cost.

Completely 192kHz/24-bit compatible, the ND5 XS uses digital technology based on the Naim DAC.

Naim's n-Stream program for iOS is especially notable. It could control a whole Naim system when parts are plugged in via their 3.5mm remote in/out jack outlets; also, pressing the information icon when a track is playing brings up supplementary record data courtesy of Rovi amusement metadata.

Seeming notably graphic and clear, our listeners highly commended the ND5 XS. Daft Punk's 'Lose Yourself To Dance' had enormous verve and 'morsel' while Melphi's 'Autumn' likewise profited from your player's incredible bass guitar vigor, thanks to the Naim's tight and punchy bass guitar delivery.

However the Naim seemed incredibly 'tidy', with components of the creation consistently staying focused.

Where the Musical Fidelity CliC, Lindemann Musicbook 20 - as well as the Cyrus Stream X Signature in particular - seemed to blunt Laurence Juber's guitar strings' leading edge ephemeral approach in AIX's hires record, the ND5 XS seemed exceptionally explicit. Here the performance actually seemed 'living'.

Naim ND5 XS Network player photo