NAD C521 CD-player

After seeing off an assortment of low-cost to mid-cost DVD players out, the C521 marked itself out as one to observe. It is the newest NAD entry level CD player and upgrades the C520 using a brand new, revised tray that was the 520's achilles fix (well, that as well as the inability sometimes to play specific CDRs - a difficulty the C521 also rectifies).

Despite the temptation of getting a DVD player along with a CD in a single carton I have to sadly report that as a dedicated CD player gets the very best performance out of one's CD collection. Only, the pleasing, more comprehensive and precise player was proven by the C521 - presenting a depth of soundstage and awareness of total musicality the DVD players did not fit, although they are improving.

Layout wise the C521 follows the well known minimalist layout of NAD - battleship having a good-looking, readily observable lcd screen which can be readily made out across an area. On the back of the C521 there are only two RCAs for a coaxial digital out as well as the amplifier interconnects.

CD replay has improved in leaps and bounds before decade and at the same time as becoming more affordable, the low budget end of the spectrum has additionally found an enormous improvement in quality. Of course the best CD player is still out performed by an excellent turntable but digital has definitely come a lengthy way in 20 years.

Was gone this budget version demonstrated the old dictum of spending the majority of your cash in your source is now poppycock and after several days break in.

Purchase an adequate budget CD Player partner it that has a great amp and speakers that are adequate and there is a grand system that may continually be updated when finances permit, just like the C521. Today's $749 C521 player for example readily competes with a $2-3000 dollar player in the mid-nineties.

Now do not get me wrong - I am not saying all CD players sound the same instead the dissimilarity between budget player just like a $2 and the C521 - 3000 dollar player are not really as great as they were.

The effect is a player that given speakers and an excellent amp can provide a hint of high end audio quality.

After 20 years we're finally seeing CD sound quality drip to starter systems or the budget as well as the C521 sets a standard others can only follow. Really at the price point of it's the C521 is king - although anticipate an overthrow in the long run digital technology is transferring in the speed!

NAD C521 CD-player photo