Canton LE109 Floor standing speakers

Say the name Canton and you will receive 1 of 2 answers: "Who?" or "is a Chinese brand?"

Canton isn't Chinese. Is it, a German firm that have been making loudspeakers for decades, actually. Canton is among the biggest loudspeaker manufacturers in Europe but is unknown here. Unless the brands get to the English-speaking hifi press, we never learn of them).

Like most loudspeaker makers that are bigger Canton make an enormous selection of loudspeakers for various needs, markets and price points. The LE collection is ranges in the little LE101 bookshelf speaker, and Canton's latest at $649 under review to the version, the LE109 at $1899.

Very the LE109 is an actual three way loudspeaker.

Token crossover points are 3200 and at 300 Hz. The tweeter is perhaps to put it at standard ear height for seated listeners.

Oddly, the LE109 does not have any provision for spikes. This also has ramifications for equilibrium usually has an impact on the sound of the loudspeaker and, on carpeting. Among my cats bound - as cats do - on the very best of certainly one of the LE109s from a windowsill. I believed the speaker would topple over!

Canton have clearly put a little work to the looks of the LE109. My samples are concluded in Beech. While the grill is made of perforated metal using a silver finish the front of the loudspeaker is silver. From a space the grill appears like it's a semi transparent material, revealing a ghostly picture of the drive units beneath. The loudspeaker can also be accessible dull black for the colour.

It is a bighearted loudspeaker, giving a large scale sound with extended bass. Most folks will be quite pleased using solidity and the bass power this loudspeaker copies, negating the requirement for a subwoofer.

While AudioEnz Towers is barely set up for quantifying the functionality of hifi parts, I 've discovered different evaluation CDs and my handy spl meter to be helpful in investigating the bass functionality of loudspeakers.

Inside my couch, the 109 did have expanded bass. The 31.5Hz group on my evaluation CD was still quite powerful, but expired below that in the 25Hz group. That is still outstanding functionality for the size of the loudspeaker.

Solidity and this bass power came into its own featuring lengthy bass. Saint Saen's 3rd Symphony, as an example, has an organ. The room might shake using the 109s.

It is a bighearted, extensive answer loudspeaker which is also very well built. Add in the Canton 109 as well as the appealing look is a loudspeaker well worth auditioning.

Canton LE109 Floor standing speakers photo