Yamaha CD-S700 CD-player

The CD-S700 is the mid-priced silver disk whirling version in the variety, its more high-priced CD-S1000 of Yamaha coming in only over the cost limitation of our group evaluation.

It is still immaculately well presented and bristling with facilities including a front-mounted USB socket. A Pure Direct mode switch, turns the screen off, which can be maintained lo give better sound and meanwhile, avoids a number.

Beneath the hood the CD-S700 sports Yamaha's exclusive Loading Mechanism, using its beautifully finished and sleek smooth operating disk drawer.

Round the back, conventional digital and analogue output signals are fitted - for balanced XLRs you are asking a bit too much only at that price!

The Yamaha CD-S700 feels quite fine really, with sleek disk loading with no awareness of prices being cut cut (at least unlike the Pioneer offering with its somewhat plasticky disc drawer, to the external).

Sound quality

Here was a machine that seemed not as dirty as its tasteful, uncomplicated styling. Right from your away, the panel believed it was well balanced and even, having an adequate soundstage, a decent bass response, a refined (if not just dazzling treble) and a group that threw out tons of detail.

The Annie Lennox tune revealed a fine rhythmic gait, solid dynamics and tonality that was inoffensive. It was likened by one listener to some cold pint on a summer's day - enjoyable and refreshing, but barely life transforming.

If this was its redemption this niceness was its undoing. Peter Gabriel was seen by Solsbury Hill - unexpectedly it wasn't that ugly, moving, changing rock classic.

"Nice but not anything unique", said one panelist. Another was criticised by it for seeming staid and congealed.

There was undoubtedly the awareness that it have been expressed so as to not violate; it looked as in the event the high treble had been lopped and also the bass guitar was only more anaemic, although vocals were fine and direct.

This is still the favourite when it comes to finish and styling of the panel - one panellist could not stop stroking it. And it did not disgrace itself sonically offering a really great all round sound that did not have any weaknesses that are actual, unlike several other machines that are more expensive here. Trouble is, the' strengths weren't overly inconspicuous either - it is a middle of the road machine that is true, in a good and a poor manner.

Yamaha CD-S700 CD-player photo