Yamaha RX-V2600 AV-receiver

Contrary to what it may seem, the life of an audio reviewer isn't all about foreign excursions, quick and wining, dining girls so that you can win a couple of great words in the next review, put on thick. No mister, it could be lots of frustration and effort. You need to attempt un- reconnecting and linking your receiver on a monthly basis.

Indoors and Outside

Large power ratings, hDMI changing, input signals for three zones, dual remotes, automated set up, Africa and THX certification at the same time.

With the same measurements as my Denon 3805, the Yamaha simply does not have the same visual impact. I enjoyed the no nonsense chunky appearance of old but the newer receivers experienced the fascias and, in my experience, their brutish good looks have been lost by the Yamaha's. It is a pity that females might discover their appearance more appealing, they have been emasculated.

The 2600 sports a whole lot of useful and input signals buttons concealed behind a big panel, meaning after you have lost the remote, you'll be able to fully work the receiver. Across the back, what small real estate was free on the outgoing RX-V2500 has been allocated to single output signal and two HDMI inputs. This attribute should interest anyone having a Plasma or LCD display enabling an easy, single wire connection.

Crash Bang

The chase scene in Matrix Reloaded presents the tremendous capacity of the Yamaha. Everything occurs with thunderous effect, at great speed and using the entire compliment of speakers. If this scene was used by retailers included in their sales pitch as the 2600 is just amazing, they need to sell pallet loads of the receivers.

It is its better with the small matters, not only the bash and crash the Yamaha does nicely. The big soundstage of the RX-V2600 gives a real awareness of reality and ambience.

History has revealed Yamaha receivers' extreme, in your face, attacking performance in regards to music continues to be their downfall. It is great for "unst unst" music although little else. Dance music is not actually music anyhow though, most of you older kinds will tell me. Anyway, that is the fourth Yamaha I Have needed to play with and the music performance improves. Pure Direct switches off all of the fancy pants processing and changing in and is the sole mode worth listening to. Excluding the unbelievable Rotel I had a few months past, the RX-V2600 is among the top receivers for playing music that I Have examined. The harmonica in Ryan Adams Firecracker was quite notable and the acoustic guitar of Tristan Prettyman sounded quite naturally, believed it lacked a warmth that is little compared to my Denon.

The remote is crap while the receiver is very good. Sure it is a learning remote and is nicely laid out but it's not the sort of remote I 'd anticipate after spending $3199 on a receiver. It feels cheap and looks cheap. In the event you elect to make use of the 2600 for a multi room hifi system, then the remote is a great feature as it will enables one to command the 2nd and 3rd zones from some other rooms. Another cool feature is that one can send a video signal to sound along with the 2nd zone.

You should not be overly concerned, as it more than okay with melodies while it may not have greatest musical subtlety. Why you should purchase Yamaha receivers this is not. You need to purchase them because of their capability to enrich your film viewing and this can be not as bad as it gets.

Yamaha RX-V2600 AV-receiver photo