Pioneer VSX-923 AV-receiver

AVR makers are obsessed with introducing a gamut of new versions every year and matching their TV equivalents, despite bona fide sound developments. Pioneer's VSX-923 therefore, signifies a revamp of the VSX-922 (itself a revamp of the exact same characteristics and layout, sharing a lot of the VSX-921). Actually, besides doing away using the drop down flap on the front which concealed set up mic jack and the USB input signal, the VSX-923's front is indistinguishable to its forebear. It is kinda trendy, in an unobtrusive type of manner.

Control may be achieved via the iControlAV program, which my co-workers have formerly enthused about of Pioneer. Personally, I am an old school trad handset man, and here the VSX-923 endures from a crammed remote that takes some time to become accustomed to.

Eminently listenable

The VSX-923 unleashes a dynamic soundscape that's listenable after running the automated, and rather drawn-out, MCACC EQ software. Machine Head's Unto the Locust's thudding kick drums package an actual punch, using the midrange groove metal riffs oozing from my speakers with body and threat, and higher frequencies. Compared to my own Yamaha RX-V673 receiver, however, the Pioneer looks a tad tighter not quite visionary.

That is not always a negative thing, as it equates to trap-sharp environment effects with pictures.

Surrounding effects are, also the Pioneer relished by its directing impresses; a farmyard in late evening's soundscape is awash with a gentle breeze, tweeting birds and lowing cows. All told, the VSX-923 comes with an audio quality that is difficult to not enjoy, and there are many methods to refine its output signal to fit your preferences.

There is a minor drawback to Pioneer's receiver, yet - specifically that WiFi abilities and its Bluetooth necessitate the purchase of added (different) adaptors.

Alleviation does come from the GBP450 price tag, which is, strangely, not a total GBP150 more than last year's version of the AVR those adaptors (about GBP50 each) might be within your budget. But I could see many giving the Onkyos glimpses that are enviable.

Therefore, the VSX-923 is an AVR that is great, although not perfect. It is not simply this link annoyance, either. Having the best outside if it needs serious effort, as environment modes and its myriad characteristics are scarcely presented in the most intuitive manner. For example, by using the provided remote to switch on virtual height loudspeakers, 19 button presses are required - I counted them - and that i consider its general usability may be made better. Having said that, I've few criticisms regarding its sonic art.

Pioneer VSX-923 AV-receiver photo