Anthem MRX700 AV-receiver

Canada: a land of pine woods, sweeping mountains and ice hockey, where the roads walk. But what the state has become more and more well-known for is its AV gear that is quite delicious.

Anthem's classy high end D2V central processing unit and P- our sensibilities that are high end wowed a year ago, resulting in a three-powerful lineup of affordable AV receivers coming to these coasts for 2011.

Here we possess the range-topping MRX700 and competing with the likes of Onkyo's TX-NR5008 and Denon's AVR4311. In the D2V alone it is possible to follow the lineage of the MRX700 in the make-up and they share doctrines and a lot more than a few layout characteristics, also. In comparison with the D2V's cluttered appearances, had a fascia suited to an enclosed cupboard which I suggested, the 700 is absolutely fashionable. The silver buttons and daring white symbols are a long way in the sophistication of Japanese or British receivers, but it is nothing like as littered as the D2V, as well as the side flap within the front input signals is quite a awesome touch.

The casework is continued beneath by this comparison between AV receivers from differing countries, also.

The focus is on providing the perfect sound quality in the cost that is specified without diluting the R&D budget with fluffery and widgets that you may not use anyhow.

Needless to say, it's decoding for many mainstream standard and high resolution film and music audio formats, USB input signals with the iPod dock in route, upscaling to 1080p, Ethernet networking as well as a Dolby ProLogic IIz height channel choice. But that is the lot for characteristics that are secondary. Additionally, there is a rather astonishing dearth of big name part brands for example Anchor Bay, ISF, Burr Brown etc, and almost all the electronic equipment are born and bred in house in PARC, or the Paradigm Advanced Research Centre. Most famous of those is Anthem's own ARC EQ system, famous for being a pared-down variant of the ARC system found about the D2V.

Setup and setup is heartless, though, as the protocols and approved processes used by just about all other makes have gone from the window. Unlike the opposition, that provide a small plastic bodied mic that is setup, the MRX variety has an easily adjustable tripod, cables, a good aluminium USB sound mic and applications on your notebook. The complete set up process is controlled in the PC which runs methodical a whole Real Time Analysis (RTA) measurement before employing its all-inclusive filters for multichannel film response curves and the best stereo music. In addition, the absolute number crunching power and data storage conditions are transferred into a dedicated apparatus (PC ie your notebook, notepad, etc) offering considerably greater detail, depth and flexibility in the machine.

Ok, I confess, the set up is really fairly mind bogglingly complicated. The notebook-established EQ will undoubtedly have some users as well as the onscreen interface is not as or as valid well laid out as the sleek GUIs on the most recent receivers that are Japanese. Still, we enjoy a challenge.

True Resolution

The 7 x 120W amps are conventional type A/B layout, fed from a power supply that is chunky to ensure a lot of current for multichannel swells that are large. This is a powerful seeming creature of 'oomph' on tap. The position that is natural is a heavyweight equilibrium that provides a soundstage hammered with ballast and lead trimmings in the abdomen of granite. With moody and suitably thick films like Hellboy 2 on Blu ray the awareness of dreary foreboding is amplified with extreme effects, along with the bass guitar existence threatens to squeeze the air from your torso. While striking using Toy Story or the correct film Love all somewhat hefty for it, Actually.

Employ the effect as well as the ARC is nothing short of astonishing. The handle and management of the lower frequencies of the system is stunning, turning phat bass with room reverb that is added into ultra-tight, mega-punchy effects -quick transient attack. Quite the contrary in fact! Gunfire has unbelievable power that can flap your bellbottoms with every round, and explosions try to physically toss you off the couch in a sharp-edged tide of violence that is percussive.

The management within the subwoofer specifically of the ARC is way ahead of the game, making Velodyne's superb built in EQ woolly.

Stepping the rate down creates sound which is clearer, cleaner and much more contagious using the ARC participated, bringing life and sparkle paced films and Pixar classics equally. The ARC comes with its limits to the MRX set, although it's a really striking and entailing sound. As an example, in comparison with the execution on the D2V, it's not quite as the upper frequency as well as complex EQ ceases at 5kHz.

It follows that any top end problems endured of, say, feisty loudspeakers with an excessive amount of treble, for example, or an over-damped room, packed full of the finest soft furnishings of Laura Ashley, are left unaffected. With their and my aged Tannoys now fairly smooth and rolled-off top finish, the Anthem never realized the absolute magic of the total D2V ARC bandwidth system. Having said that, it remains some seven grand more affordable and quite striking, also. Trendy.

Using the ARC tuned to perfection, the MRX700 leaves the remaining pack seeming a little lacklustre, and establishes a fresh standard at this price point. Ok, so there's no Audyssey DSX, AirPlay, complete multi-room, Napster, THX modes etc, but does that issue? Maybe not. Choices, choices...

Anthem MRX700 AV-receiver photo