Brand ATC

CD-player ATC CDA2
It is not just an analogue and digital preamplifier with the onboard DAC which can be utilized to convert signals from sources with the S/PDIF output signal, but in addition a CD player. The eschewing of newfangled technologies means the CDA2 is devoid of a USB input signal, which will be a thing that...
ATC CDA2 CD-player
Bookshelf speakers ATC SCM19
A school of thought is among loudspeaker manufacturers that are particular for studios can also be great for the house, that what is good. In studios computer screens are employed to show issues, to emphasize sounds that should not be there. Computer Screens really are an essential instrument of mastering...
ATC SCM19 Bookshelf speakers
Floor standing speakers ATC SCM40
There is something strange about the SCM40 of ATC - it does not look or feel like virtually any other loudspeaker in its price category. It is almost as if someone has forgotten it, like they have taken three motorists and place them in a carton then gone and designed to get the job done. That is in...
ATC SCM40 Floor standing speakers