CD-player Electrocompaniet ECC1
Hot on the heels of Electrocompaniet's more low-cost PC-1 player, this can be the essential CD-spinner from the organization 's 'Classic' line. It is extremely hefty and an extraordinarily big machine also, mainly as a result of usage of thick steel for the casing, though somewhat will be added by the...
Electrocompaniet ECC1 CD-player
Amplifier Electrocompaniet ECI 3
Electrocompaniet has existed for quite a while and while this amp definitely does not date from the first times of the firm, it is hardly a spring chicken. It is a notably big animal, deep and broad, which can be only partially accounted for from the employment of through-hole parts which take up much...
Electrocompaniet ECI 3 Amplifier
Amplifier Electrocompaniet PI-2
Despite somewhat patchy UK supply before, Electrocompaniet is a firm having a long and honourable history. Characteristics and building will not be extremely from the common, although input signal lineup is somewhat unusual in having two balanced inputs alongside both ones that are unbalanced (all...
Electrocompaniet PI-2 Amplifier