AV-receiver Harman/Kardon AVR 171
Harman/Kardon steps into the crowded, competitive midrange receiver marketplace a merchandise with all the AVR 171, packaged with powerful cutting-edge features and an impressive specification. The 7.2-channel AVR 171 sits at the very top of Harman's latest range, above two 5.1 versions - the AVR...
Harman/Kardon AVR 171 AV-receiver
Music system Harman/Kardon MAS110
At an attractive cost (including loudspeakers, which we did not include in the review though a short listen implies they're decent), this little system appears rather futuristic, with its glistening black finish unspoiled by buttons or other such fripperies. It reveals fingerprints, however a fast rub...
Harman/Kardon MAS110 Music system
Bluetooth Speakers Harman/Kardon Nova
Bringing real excitement to your desktop both visually and aurally, the Novas possess a transparent plastic enclosure providing a view of their turbine housings that are elegantly sculptured. Each loudspeaker is just like a mini bowling ball, lopped at either end to adapt the front drivers and back bass...
Harman/Kardon Nova Bluetooth Speakers