Harman/Kardon Nova Bluetooth Speakers

Bringing real excitement to your desktop both visually and aurally, the Novas possess a transparent plastic enclosure providing a view of their turbine housings that are elegantly sculptured. Each loudspeaker is just like a mini bowling ball, lopped at either end to adapt the front drivers and back bass radiator that is passive. Without remote control, procedure is done using the slew of capacitive touch controls found around the rim. The Bluetooth implementation is of the conventional variety, so no aptX compatibility that is great quality here, but NFC pairing is included.

Boy, do the Novas like to bash, showing no restraint with all the bass radiator they must be given plenty of space on a good absorbent surface to prevent over vibration or physical interaction with surrounding objects. The sonic signature is a mixture of high energy at the very top end and steady, emphatic bass at the low. High and mid frequencies in Garrix's Animals positively bounce round the space, while the bass thumps along to the beat. The Novas may reach nearly uncomfortable volume levels and have plenty of power to hand. The vocals have plenty, although there is a slight rattle or resonance due to the bass in do not Give Up.

Harman/Kardon Nova Bluetooth Speakers photo