Brand MOON

CD-player Moon CD3.3
With this one being a middling example, Canadian business Moon offers rather an extensive variety of CD players. It is not fairly pretentious but it conceals some intelligent utilization of technology and additionally one or two nice surprises. Among these is the electronic input signal, only the one...
Moon CD3.3 CD-player
Amplifier Moon I.1
But the Moon i.1 isn't just a shrinking violet, even though its 50-watt evaluation is pretty small by current standards as well as the unit isn't at all daunting to behold. It is definitely practical as well as tidy as we shall see. The truth is, it is every inch a classic no frills incorporated....
Moon I.1 Amplifier
Amplifier Moon I3.3
That is only one of an increasing variety of integrated amps to add an electronic input signal, either as as regular or, as in this instance an optional extra. It makes plenty of sense: you do not want a tremendous number of circuitry to make a fairly decent DAC already it is rather a straightforward...
Moon I3.3 Amplifier