Moon I.1 Amplifier

But the Moon i.1 isn't just a shrinking violet, even though its 50-watt evaluation is pretty small by current standards as well as the unit isn't at all daunting to behold. It is definitely practical as well as tidy as we shall see.

The truth is, it is every inch a classic no frills incorporated. This works on the mix of through-hole and surface-mount parts, with electronic substitution of input signals (by integrated circuits, not relays), however a mechanical volume control obtained in the front by means of an excellent old fashioned single-turn knob. If all this implies anything in regards to the style strategy, it's that it is not dogmatic and kind, which must be a great thing.

Very without a heatsink, Moon does within an amp of the evaluation. In principle you may have the ability to overheat the amp with evaluation tones that are special, but in regular use I can not see how that could occur.

Input signals run being a front-mounted 'MP' outlet, a minijack. There is a preamp output signal, but no record output signal and supply is made for a wireless remote control, as well wired. And that is about it! It is actually all about the sound here, so let us listen...


Next accumulation, I am happy in order to report that this amp was another success in this group. Our listeners pointed to several estimable virtues, including a good sense of play as well as superb bass. There was the strange, somewhat less-favorable remark, however, including a somewhat severe presentation of vocals sometimes, particularly female vocals. One listener troubled considerably more compared to others, but in the exact same sentence where he pointed out it, he also granted that the demonstration of the music in the Moon was fascinating and that this can be a tiny tradeoff for a lot of listeners.

It is not just expanded, it's an extremely good sense of pitch, precision as well as detail, a mixture thafs difficult to locate outside the high end. It helps a variety of music, setting the upright piano and bass in a well defined relationship and giving full reign to the sound effects in the beginning of Michael Jackson's.

In the unaccompanied choral track, which definitely gets the least obvious bass of any in the demonstration that was blind, the awareness of an actual church acoustic guitar gained clearly of the amp in the low frequency self-assurance.

Midrange detail is not bad too but, maybe, not the finest of the group.

Moon I.1 Amplifier photo