Arcam Solo Neo Music system

The Arcam Solo found the light of day around six years past when audiophiles had CD. That's likely still the situation for many but there's growing demand for machinery that could manage on the internet or streamed music, whether it is sourced in the user's home network.

Naturally, being an associate of the Solo family, additionally, it offers radio and CD capabilities - the latter including web broadcast medium - along using its built-in preamplifier and power amplifier stages. Also, the Solofamily port can play with music from local devices like hard drives or memory sticks, while the duplex RS232 connector offers control and playback of iPods through the irDock that is elective.

Only accessible Silver - because black doesn't flatter the case for many's lines - the quadrant-shaped borders on the fascia action of the unit in a whole that's greater in relation to the total of the parts to provide the unit a classically fashionable and completely look. Without them the neo will be clear. With them it seems damn hot.

Arcam continues to be thoughtful here and provided double-height lettering choices which is a significant help for anybody with less than 20/20 vision.

The Solo neo, considering it begins life as a multiple-reference hifi system condensed into one unit, is still fairly well equipped, with inputs for external apparatus and preamp output signals in the event you want more electricity as opposed to built-in 50-watt layout can produce.

Nevertheless, Arcam is to insist that if users join the neo and outside parts they do thus with high quality, well-protected interconnects. That is so they don't negate the strenuous efforts the organization has put into making its circuitry as silent as can be by using cables that introduce electromagnetic noise and might act as aerials.

One uncommon measure that Arcam applies to counter noise is what it calls Stealth stuff, which converts high frequency radiation and is set over the CD mechanism.

The output signal is, by means used as an additional process to maintain the entire noise floor down through galvanic isolation to digital recorder or any outside DAC.

On the top ledge of a Quadraspire Sunoko Port support recognition of its good looks had been parked in it.

Good looking

There's little disagreement not tucked away and the Arcam Solo Neo is a strikingly good looking piece of industrial design, one which is certainly destined to be shown proudly in your home.

This goes beyond just physically dividing the as well as the comparatively clean analogue points 'dirtier' and more noisy digital sections. To minimise noise multiple power supplies have been introduced by Arcam, utilizing a servo technology to make sure that all zero-voltage points don't waver with changing demands for electricity and remain at zero volts.

A simpler to see operation tweak are the dampers wrapped around capacitors that were chosen. Capacitors that are sure resonate and often behave like empty drinks cans, changing their musical performance the dampers quell those shakings and act just like a rubber band round the can.

This may appear a minor thought, but increasingly now, the performance down the noise floor, the potential to show low level element and nuances, is often what distinguishes that which is just great and the special hifi.


To determine what type of signal the neo amplifier section we listened to the output signal in the DAC through the large triamp reference system was being sent to by the network media parts. All looked well with a richly detailed rewarding performance appearing. The top end has nicely controlled energy while the bass guitar has speed, power and great note form and pitch definition and plenty of sparkle. The Shadowman of Afro Celt Sound System presents abundance of detail and all its extreme instrumental texturing, while powering along with polyrhythmic determination that is noticeable. Changing to the built-in amplifier stages of the neo, the sound keeps the exact same nature that is essential.

The low frequency performance, nevertheless, loses a level of weight, as the NEAT Petite SX loudspeakers (unlike the active Naim DBLs) tend not to appreciate the advantages of 15-inch bass units.

Playing Aurelo Martinez' Laru Beya and the Kalashnik Love of Speed Caravan, the neo /NEAT mix impresses with its quite ample soundstage and reveals a clearly organised vocal and instrumental organization disperse across a broad, deep view. On both kinds the system exhibits superb performance that is ephemeral with different silences between notes, adding its delivery that is temporal a real sense of purpose as well as authentic impetus. Killing an Arab, which may happen to be left much too on early generations of Arcam electronic equipment, exhibited energy and different angst here.

We discovered the USB input signal perplexing when we plugged in a memory stick featuring various distinct tracks that were hires, beginning with a 24-bit/88kHz record. It enumerated the tracks all, but sat when we pressed the play button. This not a communicative manner of coping with issues for example users plugging in a device with too hires music onto it. And 24-bit/96kHz is scarcely an extreme resolution today.

The neo appears completely content with big band jazz and orchestral music, using its soundstage that is copious to especially great impact on the Frank Sinatra Duets record. Those voices present extreme exceptional realism with almost no awareness of artificiality and detailing.

The CD player, also, performs seeming scrupulous in eloquent and its information retrieval in its communication that is musical. Sia's Some People Have Real Problems was totally participating, both when it comes to her impassioned vocal performances as well as the diversion of the skilful playing of her backing band. The decay particularly the manner cymbals faded gradually into quiet, merited recognition for the apparently successful attempts of Arcam .


The Solo Neo would definitely trounce most older separates and is an extremely competent performer, but whether it actually competes with today is a moot point: it somewhat is determined by the specific makes as well as versions to which it's compared. Having said that, the neo is a remarkable achievement, on the other hand, an exceptionally appealing and streamlined, multi-function unit that will take the spot of a stand filled with boxes and cables if needs be.

Surely, in the event you're trying to find a system that is suitable, it appears a no brainer thanks to versatility and awesome performance.

Arcam Solo Neo Music system photo