PrimaLuna Prologue Two Amplifier

Made in China and designed in Holland, the amps of PrimaLuna are basically valve layouts that are classic, however they some modern design touches as well as bring distinguishing aesthetics. One characteristic that is noteworthy is 'Adaptive vehicle prejudice'. Prejudice is a longstanding pain in the neck fairly simply it is the DC ('standing') current under states in the valves and it is essential.

It is truly astonishing how few companies have done what PrimaLuna made solid state tracking circuits which control prejudice and does. It creates the amp a lot more tolerant of imbalance.

Volume control use and input Signal substitution great-quality mechanical parts and behind them of the circuitry of the amp relies on label strips and solid wiring, with big resistors in many places. Capacitors that are essential are brand name plastic film components, while a smoothing choke joins a number of large electrolytic capacitors.

The valve complement, in addition to the output signal KT88s, runs each of ECC82 and the ECC83. The cover on the transformers is quite resonant that we had be enticed to remove it!

Sound quality

Although a this amp a qualified success, made an extremely favourable opinion on a largely favourable one on a second and among our listeners, but failed to inspire the third. It seems the listener that is unimpressed missed penetration and detail a lot more than anything and discovered it a challenge to hear details in records that are recognizable. On the flip side, the greatest-happy listener referred to 'revered vocals' and definitely immensely enjoyed the overall musicality of the demonstration of the amp, which definitely has great appeal throughout the group.

With the uncommon balance an audition is definitely merited by this amplifier.

PrimaLuna Prologue Two Amplifier photo