Acoustic Energy 103 Floor standing speakers

You'd never believe the AE 103 is any manner less well constructed than similarly priced competitors as it is a decidedly hefty and strong speaker because of its size despite being physically unimposing to get a floorstanding loudspeaker.

This can be a well do little floorstander, offering a lot for the cost. Our AE 103 comes in vinyl-wrapping walnut, but it's black and done nicely and shine finishes that are white are alternatives also. The drive units are bolted to the nicely damped, stiff cupboard and loaded by the maker's logo, distinguishing slot- reflex port that was shaped.

Sound quality

The AE 103 includes a a snappy, bright and pleasing sound with a musical nature as well as a great little bit of power for when needed. One listen to the Ancodia of 808 State, and you are in no doubt it is distinct to its competitors.

The tweeter adding a little liveliness to the proceedings can be heard by you; the top harmonics as well as hihats look better lit.

Across the center tonal balance drops by the standards of its own competitors; not too soft or overly sharp. Bass has a whole lot of expansion and bounce; it doesn't as high and nor does it rather have the effortless feel that loudspeakers that are bigger have, but it is not too far off.

Usually it functions extremely nicely with other kinds of music, and shows an excellent dance music speaker. The Everyday Universe of the String Quartet exhibits a tonality that is good to the recorded acoustic guitar with a lot of space. It definitely does not appear as compressed as some competitors. John Martyn's stunning Solid Air reveals a tonality that is good, but the tweeter lends the music an advantage that provides an increase in some respects to the equilibrium.


This can be a great speaker that reacts nicely to sources and great amps. Correctly set up it is possible to appreciate awareness of musical flow and dynamics, and the' great beats. Overall it is a seriously impressive performer in the cost.

Acoustic Energy 103 Floor standing speakers photo