Rega Elex-R Amplifier

Rega's latest midrange amp is not much to look at but it's made quite an entry: the Elex-R got a glowing five star review before making off as 'Best amplifier GBP800-GBP1500'. The inquiry is, does it have the legs to sit quite in the top for the future?

It definitely has the workings of an excellent amp, borrowing from two of Rega's other Award winning versions. The effect? Another special entry, and one that shines in this mid range price bracket.

The Elex R does not wander from Rega's typical sonic nature: quick, agile and as musical as they come at this amount, it laps up the rhythmic clapping caffeinated and beat rate of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Can Not Hold Us.

Its upward-for-it, hearty delivery gets drive and the muscle to bill through getting the refinement and discipline to maintain the demo smooth and managed, at the same time as any tune we throw at it.

The Elex-R's faithful replica of music is nothing short of spectacular. There is detail the Rega showing a degree of subtlety that'll pique your interest the music, on pat.

There is an unmatched degree of vocal expression. Nina Simone comes through having a newfound sense of reality and rawness in her performance of I Put A Spell On You.

The Elex-R shows power and scale a lot better than anything we have heard at this cost, for example, power station Naim Nait 5si (GBP925).

The Rega takes matters even farther, although we have always been lovers of the Naim's powerful delivery.

Dynamic operation is enthralling. Its far reaching range never checks horns and trumpets, letting them soar with real excitement.

The Rega sits so somewhat care with fitting wouldn't right.

When it's a conventional amp you are after, you can not go wrong with the Elex-R. It's considerable connections (although there is no headphone output signal) as well as a fantastic MM phono stage that is joyful making the almost all of category-top GBP1000 turntables.

Build quality is first rate, but the remote is unsatisfactory: it is insubstantial although working, also it lacks the solidity of handsets that are competing.

You know when all you're able to imagine to fault is the remote, you have got a great amp in your hands. Functionality wise, the Elex-R takes things to a different level. There are excellent and nice amps across the GBP1000 mark but set any up against it and chances would be the Rega will give us a broader window.

Rega Elex-R Amplifier photo