Creek Evolution 5350 Amplifier

You will definitely recall early Creek amplifiers if you have a long memory for issues sound.

To that particular extent, Creek has not changed tack one bit. You can reveal this version that is new as an ideal example of just that term, replacing '2010' for '1980s' to anybody.

Physically, nevertheless, its similarity to its forebears is small. It is larger all round, the leading panel is not thin-brushed aluminium, there is a screen rather than a row of push buttons and finish and fit are enhanced.

High power calls for an extremely big transformer, a considerable energy supply and, particularly, and it is this that accounts for a great deal of the weight of the Evolution 5350. The significant heat related to strong amplifiers in this way is, nevertheless, dissipated with some of tremendous internal heatsinks

That is over 6dB, a much-from-little difference!

In a single manner, this amp looks a little under-defined by the and that is input supply of modem standards. We quite enjoy a front-panel input signal, but it is not the end of the world as we suppose not many folks truly want a lot more than five input signals, reaching around to the rear once every so often! The output signal supply, nevertheless, is not less in line with current thinking, such as the independently changed loudspeaker terminals.

And, as in quite several modem each power amp station is a completely independent board, while a third board is occupied by the preamp segment.

Rather several parts are surface-mount types, but Creek has picked through-hole ones to get mosdy capacitors, some occupations and higher power resistors.

As it uses 16 primary smoothing capacitors, the primary power supply can also be worthy of note. That is something which we have found in preceding Creek amplifiers and it is a good idea, giving an absolute that is reduced impedance than a couple of big-value capacitors.

That makes for a great few turnings of the volume knob to cover the variety as is frequently the situation, but it is quite simple to improve in small increments. The dimmable screen does an excellent job of telling you what is going on, with volume measures numbered (as they should be, but are not consistently!).

Build quality is excellent across the board. The case is really all steel, independent of the knobs as well as the front panel are solid metal also, which can be a good touch. Using fairly thick sheet metal gives the top panel as well as great rigidity isn't especially resonant. Input outlets are fairly fundamental commercial sorts (gold plated though), while the output signal terminals are fine chunky ones. On the electronics side, there are a few great op amps in one plus signs of the very highly regarded electronic volume control processors and it is tough to get any reasons for criticising worth.

It is also worth mentioning the different types of protection that this amp has been built into by Creek. Like a lot of its own type, it's sub-circuits that shut down business and monitor part temperature and output signal current prior to any risk amount is reached. Nevertheless, the cunning inclusion this is an easy verbal show of what is up, if it is by choice shut down and not only blown a fuse, so you know instantly.

Getting the luxury of a review interval that is long with this particular amp, we could check it out from the most common sessions, under a variety of conditions with tried and trusted favourites to some fairly crucial listening to some record that is recently made. Needless to say, we did some swapping about to be able to compare it amps, with recognizable benchmarks that we have understood for a while - but each time we repented having to take it from the machine. That is to not say it was better compared to benchmarks (some of these are extremely great really) but it is a simple amp to get attached to.

Most of all, that is as it's a truly exciting manner with music, giving full rein put in record it. This is not simply an issue of the wellknown' tempo, tempo and time' facets, but needs great control to keep the loudspeakers exactly in check, and dynamics that is fantastic too.

It is known, nevertheless, for sound parts to be exciting, but nevertheless a bit lacking in a number of the details, which could cause discouragement in the future.

No such risk here, we are not unhappy to report. Actually the mixture of tunefulness and extension is quite great indeed, while the midrange and treble are actually wonderfully neutral.

Detail, also, is something a bit unique with this type of amp. It is not much the truth that it is there it generally is, most of it anyhow, with any decent amp - but it is the way it is effortlessly presented and in once incorporated so that one is not bludgeoned into paying it focus if one is not in that sort of disposition. It is only there when it is wanted by one, such as, for instance, a beer in the refrigerator: leave it or take it. We jest, yet this type of aspect actually makes hifi a joy to possess and use.

It appears almost unnecessary so as to add at this point the Evolution 5350 constantly feels at home in almost any style of music - some material that is raw we attempted from an area group in the form of a demo. It is joyful playing loud when playing softly, plus it gives no sense of thwarted energy. It does not attempt to be something you will not mistake it for fantasy exotica and it is not, but it is a great honest to goodness integrated amp that does an admirable job.

Creek Evolution 5350 Amplifier photo