Cabasse Bora Bookshelf speakers

An important technology board is its unique proprietary method of coaxial driver layout. The BC13 of Cabasse coaxial drive unit is quite definitely in the core with this GBP2,200 principal reason why it is the only three-way as well as the per pair Bora, layout amongst Where human hearing is the most sensitive, free from any crossover artefacts, one possible advantage is certainly to empower an individual driver to deal with the section of the sound group.

Another crucial benefit is that the layout in this way, which reduces the width of the source with growing frequency, will provide a more even distribution right on the other side of the frequency range and therefore an electricity result that is more level. Spreading the spectrum across three different drive units will overly enhances power managing.

The Bora is a significant and fairly substantive matter, weighing some 15kg. The built enclosure has gradually curved sides, which ought to add additional strength and help distribute the results of standing waves and flat reflections.

One set of terminals is mounted via a metal plate that was good.


Despite - or perhaps because - its comparatively complicated and advanced driver technology, the Bora was not well received by the listening panel. The measurements appear not negative enough as well as the high susceptibility would seem to be an additional bonus, but the panelists were almost unanimous in putting the Bora behind others.

It is not a loudspeaker that is terrible by any means as well as when it comes to loudness and headroom abilities it is the clear leader of the pack. Dynamics also possess eagerness and a welcome vigour, but the sound as a whole looks a little overly mid- lacking and dominant in transparency that is fundamental.

The bass end is a bit light in weight, but reveals speed, space and great atmosphere, while the restrictions seem to lie in the somewhat open group, which likewise lacks delicacy and sweetness. Potentially the most serious failing is the fact that it seems somewhat less coherent than the more straightforward two way layouts and is therefore less musically intriguing and involving.

Its sound quality did not appear to measure up to the remarkable engineering content while the Bora would appear to provide the most effective stuff value for the money amongst our evaluation group. Nevertheless, anyone who often loves to play with their system at rather high volumes might discover it fills the bill.

Cabasse Bora Bookshelf speakers photo