Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Floor standing speakers

It turned out to be a little two way layout using midrange and treble drivers from a higher priced version, repackaged in a low-cost chipboard carton having an easy crossover.

After Diamonds obtained with even an active variant, updated drivers and discretionary genuine wood veneers in aural and aesthetic refinement.

Over time the Diamond became an automatic option for buyers needing great quality sound in a package that was little and using a cost that was modest.

The Diamond name now appears on two extensive varieties (the budget 8 set as well as the more complex but nonetheless quite affordable 9 string) of loudspeakers. Each variety encompassing little two way bookshelfs such as the first, to home theatre and three way floorstanders orientated subwoofery and center loudspeakers.

Like the Quad stable mate of it's, it is componentry and the whole loudspeaker are designed and constructed in house, enabling cutting edge technology to be integrated into affordable merchandise.

The model provided for review was the top of the line version 9.6, a four-way floorstanding loudspeaker that stands nearly 1.1m tall.

The kevlar driver that is uppermost is covering the critical mid/bass crossover from 150 Hz and restricting expansion The low bass driver is back ported and takes over from 150Hz down to boost control and expansion.

Where most loudspeakers make use of just one driver the Diamond runs on the dedicated midrange driver copying the significant 1kHz to 6kHz range using an ease that fits the rapid tweeter, improving the coherency and naturalness of the loudspeaker.

The remaining loudspeaker is regular funding menu.

A fashionably slender, curvy sided cupboard of solidity that is fair, covered in a wood grained vinyl on a thin, plinth that is spiked. The back of the loudspeaker features a big flared port as well as a bi-wireable set of gold plated multi-way loudspeaker connectors. Like every CE approved merchandise that is sound, the connectors have those stupid little plastic bungs to avoid insertion of banana style stoppers.

It is a loudspeaker that will not have you blanching with the grill. Uncovered it's refreshingly bling! This can be a pleasant aesthetic strategy that manufacturers of loudspeakers that are more expensive would do well to emulate.

Using a high-ish 90dB sensitivity and a simple 6 ohm impedance, these loudspeakers must not present any difficulties for just about any amplifier that is capable.

The bespoke drivers and crossover that is straightforward fit absolutely. This loudspeaker truly seems like it was cut from one material.

Tuneful, nicely extended bass flows easily to the clear, comprehensive midrange, which makes a seamless transition to the swift, smooth treble.

When combined with quality ancillaries the soundstage goes well past the physical placement of the loudspeakers. Pictures are nicely presented with naturalistic width and height, a slight dearth of depth is the sole shortfall. As you look farther back which is par for course, transparency is excellent on the leading half the stage, falling. Dynamics are nicely replicated, first transients possessing elasticity that is great without overhang. Detail is great enough to allow you to hear all the record.

The general effect is coherent sounding loudspeaker which makes listening a pleasurable encounter, a well balanced.

The Diamonds would be the type of merchandise anticipated from quite a while manufacturing company focused on making music accessible. With the canny balance of skills of it's the Diamonds do not get involving the listener as well as the music and do an excellent job of disappearing. Without major defects, they're a bargain, strong evidence the art of creating worth stereo gear that is great lives.

Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Floor standing speakers photo