Mission MX-4 Floor standing speakers

The 3rd two way here, yet this time with much woodwork and drive units that are bigger. There is an in-grille wave guide, meaning the loudspeaker must always be listened to using the grilles on.

Finish is vinyl wrapping that is poor, but you can not have actual wood on a cupboard of this size, at this cost, practically. Bi-wirable a woofer interface along with terminals must be discovered round the rear.

Sound quality

Here's an interesting speaker, joining a few other layouts in the group's characteristics to impression that is really striking.

The Universal Love of 4hero was a delight, the MX-4s delivering a cavernous soundstage on. Happily, it wasn't forced by them on the listener proving astonishingly refined in the manner they coped with the thumping electronic percussion of the tune. The complex saxophone work on the Favorable Beliefs of Intense was duly projected better here, and really pleasant. It never grated tonally appeared to hover nicely from the cartons, closely at the center of the area. The end result proved to be a broad, dimensional sound.

Bass Guitar is amongst the greatest here, supplying you do not drive the MX-4 overly difficult. There is a lot of power and extension it does not bog down the music or set away the room. With the provided foam bungs in, the sound lost dimensionality as well as thinned out, but as little rooms will gain more than they lose from these parts of polyurethane.

The single drawback is that does not go before the beginning of breakup here, to such high amounts.

In the other end the treble impressed - it is subtle and really sweet, although lacks the delicacy or the metallic bite. Like the Bostons, the rough edges soften off a record, but more discreetly. The end result is a clear, leading end that is atmospheric, but minus the tears it may bring with amplifiers and low-cost front ends.

Overall, I found the Mission MX-4 to be highly cohesive, all-of-a-bit sounding and with unusually few vices that are sonic. Somewhat just like a Lotus automobile, everything is just not as bad as it must be to get the job done. So in absolute terms it is imperfect, but nonetheless truly amuses and beguiles. Really the only reservation is the fact that - as our laboratory evaluations reveal - a muscular transistor amplifier to get the most out of the Mission is needed by it; tube amps beware!

Mission MX-4 Floor standing speakers photo