Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 Bookshelf speakers

Diamonds are forever, apparently, as the new 10.1 continues the long line. The curved cabinet walls are retained, but have been made stronger with extra internal bracing; it's made of multi-layer MDF, and comes available in black, rosewood, cherry and walnut finishes. The bass/mid driver is unusual at this price point in employing relatively expensive Kevlar for its 125mm cone, and above sits a 25mm soft dome tweeter fitted with a metal diffusion plate. At the back are twin reflex ports, and below this a set of very substantial biwirable speaker terminals. The Diamonds measure 296x194x278mm and weigh 5.2kg.


Playing the 'Emperor' Concerto through these speakers proved more satisfying than with either of the previous contenders. Piano was more realistic, displaying greater body and shape, and the rest of the orchestra gained greater insight. The orchestra were all placed centre stage, but weren't as hemmed in.

Moving to the Mamas and Papas LP, and the Diamonds delivered more detail and shape to the sound, making me more aware of the deficiencies of the recording than of the speakers. There was still a hint of splash and bite at higher frequencies, however.

'Big Calm' sounded just that; bass, although not the deepest to be heard within this group, was fast and shapely, guaranteed to get the feet moving, and provided a solid enough platform for the rest of the music. Midrange was well defined, vocals sitting centre stage surrounded by the other performers, with air and space around. I was impressed by the width of the soundstage, which extended well beyond the speaker boundaries, although of limited depth. I felt that I was listening from a better seat in the auditorium, with the added enjoyment that brings. Biwiring seemed to enhance these attributes and certainly made these speakers sing out in a more relaxed, but unrestrained manner.

A creditable performance then, being generally well mannered and musical when partnered with smooth sources. Added to this is chic styling and it all adds up to a good package.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 Bookshelf speakers photo