Cerwin-Vega! CLSC-12S Subwoofer

After having examined lots of mid-priced subwoofers, I Have become somewhat disillusioned with all the entire price bracket. Yes, there are a lot of adequate subwoofers accessible this class, and they are going to perform nicely in many people's low-cost home theatre set ups, but what I Have really been searching for is a subwoofer that stands out among the others, one that includes both style and operation of high priced subs, but at a portion of the price. I am not unhappy to mention the Cerwin Vega!

I love the straightforward appearance of the subwoofer, it is tough and powerful looking with a moderate matte black finish. It is square and squat and that I just like how the grille tapers to the case at underside and the top.

The operation of the Cerwin Vega! Establishes a fresh standard in mid-priced subwoofers. The sound can readily blows its competition right from the water. The dynamic range that was reported is recorded as 28 150Hz. Many mid priced subs can not come close to this, for they usually bottom out at 30-40Hz. Sound quality was excellent; the driver generated reactive bass that could not be bad for both home theater and music programs.

I really like the depth this subwoofer brings. It fills in the low end of movie sound totally. Everything is not poorer when the CLS-12S is used as well as the gold plated contacts really are a classy touch to the entire system.

Cerwin-Vega! CLSC-12S Subwoofer photo