Exposure 3010S2D Amplifier

Times trends and change with it. It appears that folks purchasing amplifiers that are integrated in 2015 anticipate or really need the stripped down minimalism that came . These days, the strain needs digital functionality accessible to its customers, should they want it.

I have to admit I'm a huge supporter of the amp. The purpose was that it went against what I considered to function as invincible Creek Destiny 2, although it was true with a small margin. The Creek improved the Exposure in several regards, as well as the Exposure crept in a few more ahead; but formerly it trounced every other amplifier I'd heard at or close to the cost of the Creek. This shows you exactly how great the Exposure was. Will the fourth embodiment of the top integrated amp of Exposure forfeit sound in the altar of convenience that is additional?

Board walk

The cost goes up from and GBP1,495 to GBP1,700 this accounts for the new 'D' suffix, signaling its preparation for the elective new plugin DAC board.

The 3010S2D is a nicely twisted merchandise together having a sturdy aluminium in the cost and metal knobs - now accessible a range of black or silver finishes. It is promised to put 110W RMS per channel out, and definitely listening tests bear this out. It is fussy to use than many, and runs cool and quiet.

Sound quality

The listening session is kicked by me off a wonderful piece of mid-paced, late seventies reggae that seems smooth and clean on almost whatever you play with through it. However, it may look somewhat anodyne, as well as it wasn't quite captured by the 3010S2 in its complete glory. After you'd got over the enjoyably easy and strong sound, as the trail ambles along, not actually going anywhere, it could seem a little entailing. The D version, again fed with a high quality CD source, shows entirely engaging.

It is a subtle sense, however a significant one. There is a sense of the group being better worked out; it can drill down to the fine element of the mixture somewhat better and looks opaque. It becomes even more satisfying for this because so much is happening only at that amount. You actually start to understand the larger resolution afforded by the newest layout after the amplifier has warmed through for one hour or three. It does not seem more challenging or harsher in any means, yet the recorded acoustic guitar seems more energetic and at once lit. The effect is a wonderful, bouncy performance of a track that is great;

But its successor brings depth and detail to the sound that appears to nullify this; instruments seem somewhat more not as man-made and three dimensional.

Go into a more positive piece of music in the form of The Motors' Forget as they say, as well as the Exposure picks up its skirts and runs. This is one which looks a bit more fleet of foot then its forerunner, a quick seeming layout. I pick out a better awareness of participation, a feeling the newest amp can begin and quit fractionally quicker than before, although the difference isn't vast.

Bass guitar lines appear to flow better, giving a feel that is more fluid. There is a better awareness of participation which makes the Exposure more enjoyable to listen to than really its forerunner starts to look slightly wooden. The thick, compressed, packed group the tune offers up proves no match for the 3010S2D, which will be in a position to scythe through it.

Remaining together with the analogue line input signals, it is time to attempt a vinyl source. A Michell GyroDec/TecnoArm monitoring a Lyra Delos makes a sound that is very pleasant really from my first generation that is initial Charm pressing of Trick Of The Tail. As always after I listen to phonograph record that was great, I'm struck by the immersive and huge soundstage, as if everything is larger than life. It's incredibly comprehensive, and smooth also. You are well aware that you are listening to something that is not completely neutral, yet the Exposure sounds so engaging and enticing that it is practically a crime to not play with black plastic. It's as in the event the 3010S2D has - paradoxically - been destined to thrive via vinyl, despite its 'digital' designation!

There's undoubtedly the awareness that you're listening to some Wolfson converter; it's clear and bright and in spite of no undue harshness everywhere.

Techno Pop from an identical group seems punchy and nicely lit, with sparkling highs and sledgehammer bass, along with a comprehensive group that catches the many strands that are electronic instrumental of the tune nicely. It functions perfectly as a bundle, seeming to produce a performance which is greater in relation to the total of the parts. Really, this tune is an excellent work out for the Exposure, showcasing its own readiness to work with them and its substantial reserves of power. It thumps a staggeringly deep bass out, yet this can be still rapid and concentrated, making it much more satisfying.

Next up, my MacBook Pro is introduced to the 3010S2D, via the USB input signal.

The Exposure shines itself, seeming rock track that is quite pleasing with this classic early seventies. There's wonderful glossy smoothness to Paul McCartney's vocals, and a great awareness of space and atmosphere in the studio and an excellent heat to the proceeding; you are able to practically taste the atmosphere at Abbey Road Studios in West London! Aside from all of the remarkable hifi aspects, what I enjoy the most is the manner in which the music simply flows along in a manner that is fantastically simple yet amusing. There's absolutely no awareness of the tune sounding stilted in any means; the board that is digital seems great with CD-quality digital sound, but actually lifts its game on a nicely recorded high resolution digital music file.


The cost might have increased by a couple hundred pounds, but this has done hardly any to undermine the Exposure 3010S2D's value for the money. Because that sound takes a subtle but important step forward really you could claim that it's an ever better bundle now.

This business does solid state amplification extremely nicely in my own view, and consistently has done thus. This new shows that are incorporated why; it crystallises everything that is great in regards to the Exposure sound down into one easy, versatile bundle. From one, modestly sized box you get a quick, strong sound that is tremendously entailing to listen to, yet it's tonally neutral enough to allow you to listen for long intervals on end and smooth. Highly recommended.

Exposure 3010S2D Amplifier photo