Myryad MXI2080 Amplifier

The large Myryad news of late has been but the business's variety of normal stereo, the Mi all in one (and truly multi-station) products continues to flourish. It is consistently interesting to find out old favourites stack up against beginners, thus its reappearance, although it hasn't changed substantially recently and we have reviewed this amplifier before.

That is all purist items that was pretty, a topic continued on the preamp board, which uses relays for a superior quality electronic volume control and changing. Connection between preamp and power amps is made using not long interconnects (provided), where additional outlets allow for simple biamping, etc that were daisy chaining. Eight line input signals are two and available record output signals.

Beginners to the amp frequently spend a while puzzling over how you can switch on it, and doing thus accidently, because of the reality the ornamental metal form right above the screen can also be a touch-sensitive on/off switch!


Our listeners seemingly did not quite understand what to make of this amp and more altered in the group than those. Yet, a consistent picture emerges when one looks carefully.

The actual problem looks like the nature of the bass, which will be tuneful and complete although sometimes not the tightest approximately.

So that it absolutely was just natural the panel member who tuning and most values expansion enjoyed this amp a lot, finding it quite convincing and fulfilling, especially with sounds. With some level of dryness or small expansion, that may quickly become an indistinct dull thud, but the Myryad made it seem very much just like an actual instrument. This and the same qualities brought out details and new life, respectively to the track that was baroque.

Our beat fiend on the flip side, was certain, missing a few of the excitement than other amps had made it appear, and discovering the Penguin group less dynamic. In all probability, it is just a side effect of frustration with all the bass. Really, the other listeners just imaged and were clearly complimentary regarding the treble and midrange, discovering each rich in subtle detail. At least the listeners all concurred on dynamics, which they found unforced and natural.

Myryad MXI2080 Amplifier photo