Tannoy Mercury v4 Floor standing speakers

The Mercury v4 is the entry level floorstander, lacking the brand double-concentric drive units of the larger range versions.

Silver plated copper wiring visits a crossover that does the company at 2.6kHz. The big, significant cupboard is an 18mm MDF matter using a vinyl wrap that seems all right but surely wins no prizes for extravagance.

Sound quality

Another really excellent performer this, within an extraordinary group. The Mercury sounded curiously redolent of a set of Mercury M2s I'd many, many years past - open broad, smooth and musical. A smart trick this, given the greatly different technologies in the individual loudspeakers; a winning one at that, as well as clearly Tannoy is expressing its merchandises to an extremely special sound.

The v4s aren't the greatest but gave nothing away to the vast Q Acoustics 2050i in scale and towering Missions MX-4. Really, if anything these were the group's biggest sounding, having a tremendous left-to- soundstage that is right that none could fit.

Another distinguishing facet to the operation of the Mercury is its light, bouncy musicality. It does not make a meal of matters, choosing instead to go directly for the jugular that is rhythmic.

While the Q Acoustics are ultra- able the Tannoys actually outpaced those in the enjoyment stakes, diving to the groove of the Favorable Beliefs of Extreme just like a pup assaulting a pond. But make an effort to change back on your own critical faculties (not simple when you are having this kind of fine time) and you start to see the top group is a touch too well lit, as well as the treble is not the sweetest. The Mercury V4 is not unpleasant, but it could supply a performance that is tonally exciting on some kinds of music. So that it's going to be partnered with front ends that are smooth; you don't have to choose a source that is glowing as there is a lot to be had further down the replay chain!

You just actually see the foibles of this loudspeaker when sober truth is the order of the day.

The most magnetic layout many of the group, will adore it - but do try prior to buying.

Tannoy Mercury v4 Floor standing speakers photo