Heed Dactilus 3 DAC

The Anglo Hungarian concern continues to be making DACs for some years and the Dactilus 3 has evolved in the initial Dactilus.

Well, the largest difference is the inclusion of a USB input signal. This can be an asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz-able layout, meaning the Heed is entirely effective at working within a pc audio system in the event you need it to. A board input signal is shared by the latter two input signals as the USB is auto choosing. Changing between optical and the coaxial/USB connection is done through a back panel switch.

At a subsequent date using an outside power supply, the Heed may be updated such as the Cyrus (the QPSU). That is made to the Dactilus in indistinguishable casework and replaces the somewhat bulky outside unit provided with the Dactilus 3. This provides the Dactilus 3 a useful level of'stretch' when you get it, but it is still barely the most versatile here!

Sound quality

The Heed managed to win on the panel that was listening, as well as the performance was not usually weak. The consistent part of praise that comes out of the notes that are listening is the awareness of energy and life that the performance was brought to by the Heed. That this energy does not appear to have come at the expense is an additional advantage.

A solid showing was managed by the Heed but was at its greatest with the Mozart and Eleanor McEvoy pieces. The mixture of detail and tonal colour the Heed brought to instruments and voices was received and this brings a liveliness to the Heed that a few of the other DACs could not match. Add an agile and cohesive awareness of time, as well as the Heed begins to move to the highest part of the pack.

The great news does not end there. The soundstage was not perceived to be the largest in the evaluation but the positioning of instruments and performers was consistent and guaranteed, with an impressive awareness of front to back depth. Bass answer was likewise felt to be great having a pleasant mix of detail and weight that added morsel to the performance of the Heed.

Total though it is a solid showing and there is a lot to enjoy about just how this DAC goes about its company. This can be surely a product to think about if you're seeking a DAC which majors on a dynamic and lifelike sound. Add in the potential to update it at a subsequent date using the effect as well as the outside PSU is appealing.

But the small amount of accessible input signals cannot go unremarked upon - in the event you're running Bluray players, Sky boxes, etc., then you will probably find it a deal breaker.

Heed Dactilus 3 DAC photo
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