Yamaha A-S201 Amplifier

There is no doubting Yamaha's pedigree in hifi. The new A-S201 is a development of its A-S200 integrated amplifier that is entry level, and continues to be designed with convenience in mind as it moves from recent years' retro-styled equipment. The fascia runs on the mixture of buttons and a fluorescent screen to alter treble, bass and source, and there is a Pure Direct mode to avoid these.

Yamaha says the electricity transformer sits close to the electricity amp circuit to lessen electricity reduction. Signal earth and power supply earth share one point that was common to give what is asserted to be an improved signal-to-noise ratio. Low standby electricity use can also be maintained.

Sound quality

Fascinating, this. It is abundantly clear the Yamaha is not an amplifier in some respects that is expensive; the treble is not the most open, and it is not over burdened with bass, for example. It is interesting to compare it with all the Pioneer, that's punchy and more strong, but seems somewhat opaque. Computer World simply breezes the amp throwing out a whole lot of detail right into a more narrow soundstage but it's delineated and pictures are not lose securely.

Although not strong by the standards - just the NAD D3020 appears less potent - within its performance envelope it's convincing. The strong Kraftwerk bass transients do not upset it one jot, and it holds everything better despite throwing less prodigious bass amounts out. The crescendos on the Squeeze tune will be the same; the end result is convincing as well as the amp holds things together. True the Yamaha lacks much and variety in the manner but its fundamental default position is somewhat warm and woolly and that makes everything seem agreeable. The Fun Lovin' Criminals track demonstrates small power, but the AS201 is interested in having a stab the intricate interactions involving the drum machine snare and hi hats than some here. It shows a quite pleasant small incorporated, gratifying and friendly that represents great value for money.

Yamaha A-S201 Amplifier photo