Yamaha A-S3000 Amplifier

The firm, obviously, makes a huge array of products including an array of motorbikes as well as the grand piano that is strange.

We had be surprised if too a lot of people joined Yamaha with high end hi fi; it is not that it will not have pedigree in this place, it is simply that its focus has consistently been elsewhere.

The minute we unpack this unit impressed. The A-S3000 is a creature of an incorporated, taking up just as much space as an infant hippo and weighing in at a substantial 25kg. It is superbly constructed also.

We adore the manner by which the switches and controls feel: there is a crispness and precision for their functioning which makes them a pleasure to work with. The remote control handset is nearly as fine: it is not complex, nicely designed and feels just like a luxury thing. The complete visual effect is definitely retro and none the worse for this.

The A-S3000 uses an intricate case-within-a-case construction to decrease the level of shaking that reaches its circuit boards that are sensitive. There is been a powerful attempt to minimise signal path spans also, having a view to lowering the amount of distortion the music signal picks up through the amp on its course.

This Yamaha is liberally equipped as much as the high end is worried. Not only gets the business comprised six line level input signals, however a switchable moving magnet/moving coil phono stage also - uncommon in a high end incorporated.

Still, it is fine in order to swap between coil and magnet settings by means of a front-panel switch.

Keep them and also the tone is avoided entirely, maintaining the integrity of the signal. Make use of them as well as the fall in performance is subtle. In the event you are listening to your record that is somewhat edgy say: they are able to be useful.

The power output of 100 watts per channel of the Yamaha is not especially great, but we discovered it plentiful with a whole host of loudspeakers.

Of working in after having several days we admire facets of the functionality of this Yamaha also. We start off in this scenario our reference Clearaudio Innovation Wood program, using a record player as source. The outcomes are quite great.

As is usually the situation the tonal balance is noticed by us first. We are used to the merchandises of Yamaha seeming loaded and smooth, and are surprised to get this amplifier does not adjust. When needed, it is strong in the treble and contains actual chunk, yet it remains on the correct side of acceptability. The equilibrium between bass and the treble is judged also.

There is an excellent amount of finesse, especially through the midrange where Mary J Blige's voice on No Play comes through with the fire complete, but the demo looks only a bit veiled, and lacks the sort of rhythmic drive and large scale dynamics required to really grasp our focus.

Substitution source Naim NDS/555ps streamer supports our criticisms and enhances the operation of the Yamaha in a few places. The A-S3000 is definitely insightful through its line level phases, as well as the sound is much more educational and clearer.

We are still not entirely convinced by the fact that it can give a visceral experience or the rhythmic facet of the operation of this amplifier. Tune in to the Jaws OST and it is clear the Yamaha does not have any problem delivering lots of info. What it does not do quite well is convey the savage nature of the music, thus reducing the amount of delight.

We play a sponsor of records from Olafur Arnalds' hauntingly lovely Found Songs to Bob Marley's Exodus as well as our view of the performance of the Yamaha holds true. There is plenty of detail here, plus agility and precision that people do not usually connect with the brand. However there will also be shortfalls in organisation and delight that leave us wanting more.

We choose a listen to the headphone output signal using a set of AKG's K812 and Grado RS1s and determine it is a decent attempt. True, it lacks the utter clarity of the loudspeaker output signals, however there is still enough penetration here to please.

But all things are not identical, and while the A-S3000 has ability that is obvious, it is not the completely round performer we hoped for.

Yamaha A-S3000 Amplifier photo