Quadral Platinum M25 Bookshelf speakers

Hanover-based Quadral provides a huge array of loudspeakers of various shapes, sizes and kinds - although like many foreign brands has fought to gain traction in the overcrowded loudspeaker marketplace of the United Kingdom. The M25 is the smallest in the Platinum M chain, and said to be appropriate for both hifi and home cinema applications. It sports the firm's latest RiCom-V aluminium and tweeter coned mid/bass unit - the latter showing a recurring motif in this roundup. There is likewise a choice of cloth grilles that are white.

It is a two way layout fitted with the RiCom of Quadral-V tweeter utilising a titanium membrane, which can be promised to elongate as much as a bat-frightening 50kHz. The cupboard is powerful and silent despite being about the lighter side of the group average, when you exploit it. It's bass reflex loaded with a back-firing port, which was created to enhance sensitivity and bass extension from a carton that is smaller.

Sound quality

The Platinum M25 shows a completed layout which is great at most things cleanliness and detail. In contrast to the B&W for example, it seems a good deal less muddled in the group; unexpectedly records that are hard to replicate for some loudspeakers simply snap focus through the

In addition, I honor the sober manner it manages classical orchestral music; the rousing massed strings to the Last Emperor Theme are taken, with this particular loudspeaker adding comparatively little of its character to the proceeding.

While it reveals a commendably tonal balance and is clean and in-depth with electronica and rock, I discover it's less rhythmically engaging than here. It is not spirit and the natural life of the party, after I cue Temple Head up, and this can be particularly in evidence. Although it carries a lot of information regarding the record, but simply does not boogie in the manner that the MartinLogan Motion 15, KEF R300 and B&W CM5 S2 do. That is somewhat unsatisfactory as there's much here to enjoy and honor in this loudspeaker that is adequate. It's unerringly qualified, but a lot of listeners will believe it hasn't quite associated with its internal spirit.

Quadral Platinum M25 Bookshelf speakers photo