Ruark MR1 Bluetooth Speakers

Like the novas below correct, the MR1s are an actual pair of powered stereo monitors and at 17cm high are perfect for desktop computer use, but also can be used elsewhere.

Ruark has opted for a linear Class A-B stereo amp, claiming 20W of output signal power. Also as aptX Bluetooth streaming there is a 3.5mm line input signal and an output for a sub. A switch allows the signal to attenuate from sources with line outputs that are high level to stop distortion.

Operation is straightforward thanks to some mini remote control handset.

A multicoloured LED indicates status and the chosen input signal, blinking rapidly when maximum volume has been reached and when in standby.

The MR1 is a consistent and tremendously satisfying Bluetooth performer. Vocals in and Kate Bush manage to hook me in, and join effortlessly with the simplicity of the bass guitar and synth to make a wonderful sound.

Ruark MR1 Bluetooth Speakers photo