Roksan K3 Amplifier

The Roksan K3 has some huge shoes to fill. Up until a number of years back, its Kandy K2 stablemate was clearly one of our favourites in the cost. The K3 is expecting to score a success that is similar, but at a cost that is new, jumping from just under GBP 1000.

While the power supply segment has additionally been improved to improve efficacy in the first place, while it resembles its little brother the sound course continues to be totally redesigned in a want to provide a clearer stereo operation.

As with the K2 BT, Roksan has additionally squeezed to the K3 in aptX Bluetooth, opening it up with streaming services and mobile devices along with all of your analogue sources to use.

On the rear of the K3 you will find five line level ins as well as a moving-magnet phono stage. There is additionally a single pair of pre-outs as well as a bypass input signal, letting you the right and left channels of a home cinema setup through the K3 by avoiding the preamp.

Itis a sleek, clean layout but we'd enjoy a bit more solidity to the controls - the volume control.

It provides an assured and truly large sound - likely the biggest we have heard at this cost - using a broad soundstage that reaches to the borders of the area. This amp will take it in the event you are fortunate to live someplace you can definitely push the volume up high.

It is punchy also, the bassline in Drake's Underground Kings seeming managed and strong, and there is detail and feel on offer also, providing penetration and additional depth.

Bassline and the air weave together with drive and agility in an extremely cohesive and smooth presentation.

The broad soundstage vocals lots of room to breathe and enables instruments, though we had say the Rega Evoke and detail retrieval is superb also Elicit-R tells you only a touch more.

Dynamically it is brilliant also. This could be a power station of an amp, but nonetheless, it also understands the best way to communicate the softer, more weak moments in music - on.

Substitution to Bluetooth as well as the Roksan's well balanced character deals nicely with all the fall in quality seeming unpleasant or difficult. Obviously there is the likely fall in normal, but itis an operation that is forgiving, totally listenable.

Roksan is back on its A game using the K3, which is of a brilliant amp for the cost. You will get the top in time and subtle detail from the more pricey Rega Elicit-R, but also to get a fun, exciting amp that can not neglect to keep you amused, the Roksan K3 is one to contemplate.

Roksan K3 Amplifier photo