Monitor Audio BX5 Floor standing speakers

The only bolt-through design means the driver is not fixed to the front baffle, thus cannot carry vibrations to the cupboard, the firm says. The vinyl rolled box looks quite classy considering its dearth of piano lacquer or wood veneer .

The cupboard is double ported, with one in the rear plus one in the front. This makes positioning slightly more sensitive here, I found, but nothing overly onerous.

Sound quality

Just somewhat bigger compared to Dalis, these floorstanders still gave a more prolonged and deeper bass that was low. Upper bass was group more notable and a little lighter, so it gave the feeling of being much more and brighter forth. This was further strengthened by way of a somewhat less couth tweeter - the price did not quite fit the finesse but was totally in keeping with the remaining group, although really great in it. Nicely along the frequency spectrum was incorporated by the BX5, giving a loudspeaker that had plenty of physical ability as well as a sound that was pleasingly quick and exciting.

The group was an actual strength, being more in-depth here. If anything it had a somewhat 'trendy' reminding me but you had never call it tough.

Regarding soundstaging, these loudspeakers functioned nicely, but were not quite up there with the greatest - the Tannoy seemed more open and much bigger. The BX5 focused its fire mainly between and across the plane of the loudspeakers. Here, it actually did nicely, finding devices in space giving a sound that is big, and quite ably.

Rocking along to the tunes of the Nine Feet Underground of Caravan, as well as the BX5s showed off their abilities that are apparent. Bass was powerful and supple - although not extraordinary. Soundstaging was great, or even rather Tannoy-esque in its percentages. There was a satisfying awareness but the BX5 did not have the visceral thump of Mission MX-4 or the Q Acoustics 2050i, or the contagious musical brio.

Overall I found these loudspeakers really great all rounders, without being greatest. That is no bad thing, as the speakers'll attract a wide variety of listeners that will undoubtedly actually appreciate them, in various kinds of system as well as across lots of music.

Monitor Audio BX5 Floor standing speakers photo