Denon AVR-3803 AV-receiver

Weighty electronic equipment frequently translate into quality audio, while not a precise correlation. At 16.5kg, while this it isn't the most significant offering in Denon's secure, its definitely up there.

That which you escape the carton is a large carton of 434mm 416mm deep, 171mm high and broad.

Why is this receiver distinctive from the remainder is the up-conversion of a video signal. Testing rapidly revealed that the source signal doesn't enhance, but you just need one output signal for those who have several video input signals to the amplifier. That is useful as the receiver can be used by you as a changing unit that is true, rather than being forced to change projector or TV input signals at the same time.

Establish through to the AVR-3803 is straight forward and together with assistance from the on-screen display as well as the handbook I 'd this creature ready to go in almost no time in any way. After set up is complete, including apportionment of input signals that are digital, just light the fuse and stand a safe space back.

Should you be really so inclined, you can find also the obligatory environment processing modes for "improving" the two channel music encounter.

Remotes do not normally bother me considerably, you turn on things, you turn away them and the volume is adjusted by you. This remote does all that, but I discovered the volume activity much too fast.

The complete sound field was active with great body.

Through the whole film the movie theatre feeling was recreated by the AVR-3803 nicely. The 110 watts of power for every single channel is not meager, using the amplifier at coping with the significant demands of the T2 soundtrack, showing no strain. Explosions had adequate oomph, music in the score seemed full and rich bodied - many receivers can sound screechy and thin - and the amplifier was not unable to get depth at low volumes, even to the surround loudspeakers.

Musically expectations were surpassed by the AVR-3803. I threw everything I had within my group in the 3803, plus it only kept purring along replicating the musical notes it had been anticipated to.

Home Theatre attributes accessible for less cash and is evolving with more functionality. It was not that long ago that I was basically laughed out of a shop for needing a home theatre amplifier with DTS and Dolby Digital for under five grand. Not only can you now get these formats as standard, but in addition, you are getting 6.1 and 7.1 digital environment with an ever increasing amount of quality.

The AVR-3803 is a strong performer with a few advanced characteristics placing its head somewhat ahead of its competitors. Sound reproduction for music is outstanding, faithfully replicating nature and tone and in a home theatre setting, performance is strong and enveloping. In the event you are buying home theatre amp that is excellent, but do not need your music to endure, take one of these for a test drive, you will not be disappointed.

Denon AVR-3803 AV-receiver photo